BSCC 009 - The Ghost at Dawn's House

If there's something strange in Dawn's house... who you gonna call? The Baby-sitter's Club Club! This week, the girls (and by extension, the boys) dive deep into the world of paranormal activity, cause there's a ghost y'all, and it's living in Dawn's crawl space, and it's eating ice cream, and doing a bunch of other things you'd expect a 9-year-old boy to do. On unrelated news, 9-year-old Nicky Pike keeps disappearing and hiding in an unknown location.

As previously mentioned, the best route into Dawn's complicated relationship with the Trinitarian God is almost certainly Ricoeur. It's worth adding that Dawn's religiosity feels very high-church and academic in Dawn and the Impossible Three, while The Ghost at Dawn's House, concerned as it is with the Holy Ghost, necessarily invokes a more personal God. As such, Habermas may well provide a better point of entry. 

Sickest burn on Trip Gwynne, Dawn's dumb mom's dumb date: “I bet he wears pink socks and alligator shirts and his friends call him, like, the Trip-Man or something.”

Trip's so obviously not right for you, Mrs. Schafer. Where are the Mr. Spiers of yesteryear?