BSCC 012 - Claudia and the New Girl

There's a new girl in Stoneybrook named Ashley Wyeth, and she's captured the attention of a certain young babysitter named Claudia. But, more importantly, there's a newcomer to the podcast as well named Goliath Hardbody, and we think you listeners are really going to like him. (But please don't fall in love with him and leave the podcast. We need you. You're all we have.)

Show notes

Claudia and the New Girl

Haunted Doll Watch: The 7 Deadly Sins

As outlined in this episode, the significance of Martin's Stoneybrook dolls is starting to come into focus. At least some of these dolls stand in for (and possibly generate in the people who are influenced by them) the Seven Deadly Sins. We have identified two with certainty thus far:

Doll - Mrs. Refrigerator = Gluttony

Doll - Mrs. Xerox = Envy

We'll keep an eye out for the other five in future episodes. 

Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit

While Hegel doesn't specifically refer to what has come to be known as the Hegelian dialectic (Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis), Phenomenology is nonetheless a useful way into Martin's neat dialectical progression in this book, namely that:

1. Art is Truth

2. Baby-Sitting is Truth

3. Baby-Sitting is Art

Andrew Wyeth: Memory and Magic

 Andrew Wyeth: Christina's World

Andrew Wyeth: Christina's World