BSCC 0014 - Goodbye Stacey, Goodbye

Stacey is moving out of Stoneybrook, and 4 to 10 new brides of Satan are moving in to take her place, so it's up to two undercover French witch-hunters to eradicate the evil threat looming over the town once and for all. Also, the dolls are in control, and Jack and Tanner make a bet that the Baby Nation is going to have to hold them to, because they're DEFINITELY going to forget.

Show Notes:

Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye

Triangulation - In trigonometry and geometry, triangulation is used to determine a precise location by measuring the angles leading to the point from other known locations on opposite ends of a fixed baseline.

The process of measuring distances to the point directly  is known as "trilateration." Through triangulation, the relevant location is fixed as the third point of a triangle with one known side and two known angles.

Williamsburg, Virginia:


Jack, pictured here with his best friend Summer (in Austin, TX):

Live - Lightning Crashes

Bonnie & Maude - All of Them Witches #3: The Brides of Satan

Pierre de Lancre - "Pierre de Rosteguy de Lancre or Pierre de l'Ancre, Lord of De Lancre (1553–1631), was the French judge of Bordeaux who conducted a massive witch-hunt in Labourd in 1609. In 1582 he was named judge in Bordeaux, and in 1608 King Henry IV commanded him to put an end to the practice of witchcraft in Labourd, in the French part of the Basque Country, where over four months he sentenced to death several dozen persons."

Goodbye Stacey. Hello Mallory.