BSCC 013 - Super Special #1 - Baby-Sitters on Board

Don't forget to pack a lifejacket for this Super Special, because the boys are steering this cruise ship through a storm of passion, heartbreak, and Kristy being even more insufferable than normal. Jack and Tanner are joined by a very special guest to try and make sense of the maelstrom of action that is Baby-Sitters on Board, and to help them decide once and for all whether these mysterious baby-sitters are people ... or bees. 

Show notes:

Baby-Sitters on Board

Ways of seeing and knowing the world: Claudia’s cathectic gaze is a key point of this novel, apparent in that she structures the world through her viewfinder. People, including her fellow baby-sitters, are reduced (or, if you prefer, elevated) to mere objects of aesthetic appreciation, a paradigm that is underscored by the structure of the very book we are experiencing, which, in an arch, postmodern gesture from Ann M. Martin, is being created as a gift for the babysitters to give to their parents at the end of their journey. 

The Old Man and the Sea

The Mayor of Casterbridge: A Study of a Man of Character

What Claudia wore this week: “I put on my new blue-and white bikini and over that, a pink sundress with spaghetti straps at the shoulders and big blue buttons down the front. Then I accessorized. I tied a pink-and-blue scarf around my waist, knotting it in the middle, added my snake bracelet and feather earrings, wound my hair up on top of my head, and finally put on these white sandals with long laces that you crisscross up your legs and tie in a bow.”