BSCC 016 - Little Miss Stoneybrook ... and Dawn

Kind of a segment-heavy week this week, but what do you expect when you're trying to impress the judges of the Little Miss Stoneybrook Pageant? The babysitters each Dance Mom their own contestant in the pageant in this book, and things get (surprise, surprise) a little fraught. Don't worry too much though, because there's plenty of dangerous occult action and Marxist subtext to help ease the tension.

Show notes:

Little Miss Stoneybrook ... and Dawn

The mystery of Sabrina Bouvier is one of the enduring riddles of the Sitterverse. Anne M. Martin has never officially weighed in on this, but it is an undeniable fact that Bouvier appears in this book as a 7-year-old pageant queen, and then pops back up in Mary Anne's Makeover #60 as a popular 8th grader with no explanation of how she aged and changed while everyone else stayed the same. Speculations abound. For real. Here is a lovely piece of fan fiction I found on the topic.

The Grapes of Wrath

As always, I recommend a hermeneutic approach to addressing the more religious elements of this text. As ever, you can't go far wrong with Ricoeur

Not mentioned in this episode, "Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn" is an anagram of "Trinity Books Tells Me So." So, fucking eat it, Tanner