BSCC 017 - Jessi's Secret Language

Your wise-crackin' hosts Jackie and The Weasel are back again with more hilarious banter about their favorite topics from the wide world of "American Sports." And if that's not appealing to you demanding little monsters, they also spend a good chunk of time talking about the BSC's brand-new babysitter Jessi Ramsey, the infinite sadness of Claudia Kishi, and their own deep, heartfelt feeeeeeeelings. And dolls. Demonic, soul-swallowing dolls. Something for everybody in this one. 

Show notes: 

Jessi's Secret Language

The Riddle of the Labyrinth: The Quest to Crack an Ancient Code is the best book out there on the decipherment of Linear B. Tragically, Alice Kolber didn't live to see the full decipherment of the language, even though she laid groundwork that would prove essential to cracking the code. 

The 1988 New England Patriots were abysmal. 

A synopsis of Coppélia from NYC Ballet: "Infatuated at the sight of the inventor's new doll, Frantz sneaks into Dr. Coppélius' workshop, and mayhem ensues." 

Here's a sketch of my attempt to understand the workings of Jessi's baby brother Squirt's secret language. I believe that the language is inflected, and that the phonemes "Bliss," "Bloo," and "Bla," as well as "Go," and "Ga," point to a system of declension with "a," "o," and "iss" endings, though without additional context there is no way to know more.