BSCC: Little Sister - Karen's Witch

In this very special bonus mini-episode, the boys discuss the first book in the BSC-spinoff Little Sister series, "Karen's Witch." Feast your ears on an intoxicating (intoxicated) journey through a magical land where the baby-sitters hold no sway, and the babies are running the asylum. DO NOT listen to this if you are afraid of witches. 

Show notes:

Little Sister #1: Karen's Witch

The "Purrow" is referred to in The Posthumous Works of the Late Rev. John Newton (1725-1807). Newton talks about the Sherbro people of Sierra Leone, who have an order of powerful druids called the Purrow. Their mysterious rituals are unknown, but they control the entire island. Here is the relevant quote:

“The different districts, which seem to be, in many respects, independent of each other, are incorporated and united, by means of an institution which pervades them all, and is called the Purrow. The persons of this order, who are very numerous, seem, very much, to resemble the Druids, who once presided in our island. … Any man, whether bond or free, who will submit to be initiated into their mysteries, may be admitted of the order.”

It is to be thought that Midnight, in her human form, began life as a member of this order in Sierra Leone, which is why she speaks its name when she approaches Karen's porch. 

Karen’s witch name: Samantha Twitchit (Hannie’s is Witchy Witch)