BSCC 021 - Kristy and the Walking Disaster

This week, the boys are in their element talking about the classic "American Sports" themes of football men, baseball men, and TIME TRAVEL, as well as Kristy's massive, unquenchable CRUSH on a beautiful brown-eyed boy named either Bart or Brad. Can Jackie Rodowsky hit a home run for Kristy's Krushers? Can Kristy get through the season without falling in love? Can this podcast pass the Bechdel Test? Find out in episode 21, "Kristy and the Walking Disaster."

The Bechdel Test Theme song is "Let the Beat Drop" by Anton Markus

The Burn of the Week song is "Tell Me" by Killercats

The Tearful Moment song is "Energetic Beat Drop" by Kevin Boydston

Show notes:

Kristy and the Walking Disaster

The word "Bash" is from the Old Norse Basca, meaning "To Strike." "Crush" is from the Old French Cruiser, possibly from the Frankish *Krostjan, meaning "To Gnash." The sense implying an object of infatuation is first recorded in 1884.

The Spot in MLB Lineups Where Managers Are Still Ignoring Sabermetrics

Kristy is in good company. As the above article shows, a lot of MLB managers are ignoring the stats that say you should have a strong hitter in your number 2 slot and putting their own "Baseball Man" versions of Claire Pike at a place in the lineup that would be much better filled by a Jackie Rodowsky or a Matt Braddock.

Also well worth a read, if you're even a little bit interested in sabermetrics: The Only Rule Is It Has To Work. Highly recommended. 

Kristy's Boys Quadrant is illustrated below, as discussed in the episode.