BSCC 022 - Mallory and the Trouble With Twins

Come play with us! Mallory's babysitting twins this week and it promises to be a fun, wholesome time that's not rotted through with any sinister evil at all. Plus, the boys discuss the gory ritual of ear-piercing, the troubling spectre of new babysitters on the horizon, and the frankly insane ensemble Claudia put together for this installment. There's also a bit of bad news about Mark Markson, who's on an increasingly desperate hunt for a new job ...

Music credits:

Overture, by Lionheart / CC

Acoustically driven instrumental, by Hyde / CC

Let the Beat Drop, by Anton Markus / CC

Mallory and the Trouble With Twins

The Manichean heresy is probably best known to the world through the writings of Saint Augustine, who adhered to Manichean beliefs before converting to Christianity in 387. The dualistic worldview that it embraces – that the spiritual world and the material world are in constant opposition, as of light and darkness – is at the center of the twin conflicts between Marylin and Carolyn Arnold and between Marylin and Carolyn and the rest of the world in this novel. The world of Stoneybrook would have us believe that these twins are two sides of the same coin, and the twins want the world to see that they are fundamentally different, opposed – two opposite interpretations of the nature of their twinship that are encapsulated in the "mirror" bedroom they inhabit: 

“Well, I’d been prepared for identical twins and identical clothes, but not for two identical halves of a bedroom. That was how the girls’ room looked, though. Again, it was as if someone had placed a huge mirror in the center of the room, and it was reflecting one side.”